Master Layouts and Software Simulations

Mar 14, 2018


We're currently designing courses with software simulations (step-by-step slides with Try mode steps) and we always want to have the same layout. The layout includes 2 layers and always the same text objects that open the layers, etc.

I created a master layout slide that would  fit our needs but it seems that I can't apply this layout to the software simulation slides.

The idea you suggested in the following thread also didn't work:

Can you help us out here?

All the best,


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Michael Riederer

Thank you so much for the screen recording Alyssa. Your solution works fine for the preview mode but what we had in mind was applying the layout to every step of the software simulation and then edit the content of the text boxes of the layouts with instructions and so forth.

Am I correct that this is not possible since you stated that every object that we will add to the slide master will appear behind the screen recording image. Is there any way to allow for layouts to be on top of the screenrecording (e.g. with coding)?



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