Master slide button sets issue

Jul 18, 2013

Hi All:

I have a bunch of Masterslides with each one having a Button Set named specifically for that slide.

In each Button Set, I have between 4 and 6 buttons, each button having a Normal, Hover, and Selected state.

After publishing the story, I am seeing that the buttons do not work together (i.e. I select button1 and button 2 still indicates a state change).

The other issue I see is that I never see the selected state display, as teh state change the buttons remain in, are the Hover state.

If I hover my mouse back over a visited button, then its state will display, and stay, as visited, while the other visited buttons remain in the Hover state.

I have other Button Sets in my project,that are not created on the Master slide, and they work fine.

Is this a bug?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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