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Aug 28, 2017

We need the learners to ALWAYS have access to our custom menu which is in a Master Slide. We were able to get it in front of the content of the Base Layer so this in not a problem for us. The problem we currently have is when we trigger layers in front of the base layer (we do it a lot and it often cover the entire slide). The content in the layers goes in front of our menu. I can't apply the layout that contain my menu because I only have access to the feedback master... I know I could do this manually with a lots of layers, hotspots and triggers but we have courses that are 80+ slides and have 10 layers per slides... 

Would it be possible to have a layer ALWAYS on top even when new layers are triggered?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Xavier!

I see where you reached out here as well, but it seems that this thread has a bit more details about your question.

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look.

My first idea was to move the menu button to the parent slide master, but the menu still lives on a layer.

So, you have some conflicting settings:

You slide layers are set to hide other slide layers.

In addition, your video size covers it (so I get why you are asking for an 'always on top').

So, you adjust your slide layer properties and adjust the size of your videos if you wish.

Here is my published output. Slide 2 has both settings mentioned above, and Slide 3 only has the video size adjusted, so you can see that the layer is still hidden.

Your file is attached as well. I hope this helps you with some ideas at least.

Lisa Jones

One thing that might also help is to remember each time you "show" a layer it ends up being the top layer. If you want to use masters for objects that always need to be "on top" - you can simply use a variable or something (I use a toggle - NOT option) and modify it when that master layer should be on top.

As an example, say you show another layer in your main timeline but still want that master object to show on top, just place an action in your local layer to toggle the variable, and be sure that in the master root, have an action > on Change (varToggle) > show the layer you want on top.

Works well for objects you need on multiple pages (like menus, scenarios, personas, etc).

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