Master slide graphic disappears

Sep 13, 2012

I have a graphic on my master slide and when I publish, no graphic shows (just the rectangle on top with a plain white background). I have other master slides that are set up the same way that work just fine. 

Any ideas what's going on???

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Jamie Morgan

Hi Kristin,

I found the issue. On the master slide, you have your background image timed to come in around 8 seconds. However, on the question slide, the total timeline is only 5 seconds. Therefore, the background image will never come in because the timeline is only 5 seconds and it's not programmed to show until close to 8 seconds.

If you're wanting the background image to always be on the slide, you need to move it to 0 on the timeline for the master slide and remove the animation if you don't want it to animate in.

Hope that helps!

Helene Caura

Hi I have a similar issue, but even more mysterious: on my master, I copied an icon (the home icon at the top right), and it appears on the timeline, but not on the slide! No "hidden", no delay, it's first in the timeline, etc. I've used these templates many, many times, and why, suddenly, is it not working anymore? 

Attached is the culprit. Thanks to anyone who finds the unveil the mystery.

Open the Slide Master View: the first set has the icon in the timeline, but not appearing. The second is the place I copied the icon from (something I have done countless times).

Crystal Horn

Hey Helene...  for some reason, on the first set of Master slides, the house icon was way off the stage.icon

I'm not sure why that happened if you just copied and pasted from that second set of master slides.  But when I moved it over, I was able to have it show in the slide view.

I've attached your modified project.  I hope that's helpful!

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