Master Slide Insert Content vs Insert Textbox

What are the semantic and functional differences between inserting content vs textbox in a master slide.  Interested in both content slide master and question slide master.

If I add a textbox to a question master, it will corrupt the choices text box.

Content seems to allow both text and other media.

Other differences?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

Thanks for reaching out here, although I'm not sure I'm clear on your first question about the difference between adding content vs. textboxes? Master slides are designed for creating placeholders or overall layouts that you can use on slides and not have to recreate them as you go forward - so they'd be where you'd place textboxes, placeholders for images, etc. You could add text or images to them as well. 

What do you mean by corrupts the text box for choices? I know of a current issue we've shared with our team that if the question box is set to be lower on the slide stage than the answer box some wonky formatting behavior occurs. You'll see that only when setting it up on the slide master - not the individual question slides if you move the boxes after the fact. 

If you're able to explain a bit further or include a sample file for us to look at we'd be happy too. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sam,

No real difference - there are many types of content placeholders, text just being one of them. So in theory you’d use the top content placeholder if you knew you wanted to put something there eventually but didn’t know what…and if you knew what you’d being putting there might as well use that type of placeholder. Also, if you're creating a template to share with someone else, it may be best to use the appropriate placeholder.