Master Slide Menu - covers all of the content on my slides

Hi there :)

I have designed menus in the past using the master slide layout so I don't have to keep duplicating the menu, and typically it works great.


This time is different. I've double checked all my triggers etc. but now when I apply the 'menu' master slide to my slides and preview it completely covers all my content. The audio still plays but its a blank slide...


Now, I was about to post this inquiry yesterday, so I moved a slide with the menu option to a new source file. Get this - it fixed the problem. So instead of posting yesterday I just imported my entire project into a new file. Problem solved! Until about 2 hours later when the problem started again.


Anyone have any tips? I started this project this week and I'm already on source file 4. I have another month of working on it and I really don't want to have endless versions...


Thank you!

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Micaela Metz

Hi Wendy.

I'll try and figure out how to share the source file. The issue is when I pull out a slide to show the issue is resolved for a short time and then it reverts back to not working. So if I share it, it looks like its working. I can't share the current file because it has company information on it...


I have downloaded the latest version of Storyline 360 as of yesterday.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Micaela,

Thanks so much for sharing your file! When I dug into it, I saw the same thing you described. Even when de-selecting "hide objects on base layer", I still was unable to see the slide text and graphics. 

I'd like to share this file with my team to get their input. We'll reach out once we've done some more testing!