Master Slide Text Style Not Working

Hi all. Weird quirk that I'm hoping is an easy fix.

The master text color style is NOT transferring to the slides in my course. I've set it as black, and all of the text in my presentation is still white. I've tried resetting the slides, re-applying the master slide, picking a dozen other colors. Nothing works. Weirdly, if I change the FONT, it automatically changes across all the slides in the course. BUT NOT color. What am I doing wrong?

Also weirdly, the text shows that black is the selected color even though the display color is white.  

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Martin Dean

Hi Alyssa

I have had real problems with Master headings not working and had 3 separate instances where SL has crashed.  I have uninstalled and re-installed SL 360 in case the application had corrupted.

The problem right now (I have had many this week related to this issue) is that the heading font in the slide master is WHITE and yet any slide (new or existing) places it in BLACK

I followed your video steps and have created a Custom Font Theme as you suggested but alas this is not working.

I have to agree with John Morley (this thread) that this is indeed a bug and needs to be urgently investigated.

FYI - here are some of the things I have had to contend with this week on this issue:

  • Master not allowing TITLE to be switched on/off
  • SL crashing while deleting unused Master Layouts
  • Slide displaying heading from master as Metric Light 16 point but on comparison with other text of that font and size - SL is displaying something different (even though it says it is displaying Metric Light 16) - Yes I have re-installed the font just in case!
  • Slide master main editing area not changing when clicking on slide master thumbnails....

I have re-installed the application but this makes no difference.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martin,

Let's get to the root of the crashing first, and then we can determine from there the issues you're running into with the master slides, as the additional items you're describing isn't something I can replicate either. 

It sounds like you already reinstalled Storyline, following the repair steps here?  

I'd want to have you work with our Support engineers next as they can dig in a bit deeper on the issue of Storyline crashing. I've started a case for you, and you'll see an email shortly. 

John Morley

An observation is that there is no access to a theme when editing feedback masters, which could lead to a conclusion that there is some sort of hidden theme driving the format of feedback layers and anything the user does to the visible masters is filtered through and changed by this hidden theme (see attached; and no, what you see there in the master is not what appears when applied.)