Master slide triggers not visible on slides where layout is used.

I created a true/false variable for slide triggers on slides so if true, users could click the next button to get to the next slide.  If false, a slide pops up with a warning for the user.  I'm not using this on all slides (not being used on scenario, quiz, complex slides).

In my slide masters, I have two different versions- ones without triggers, and the other with triggers.

I created my story file originally using the without triggers master slides. On the first few slides that I updated (The blue accounts & passwords scene), when I changed the master slide layout to be the one with triggers, it updated correctly.  Now that I tried to do the others, even when I change the slide layout to be one of the layouts with triggers, the triggers do not appear on the right hand side.

I've attached my .story file in case anyone wants to take a stab at it.  I appreciate any help or advice on this.



I couldn't attach through forums so I've tried placing it here.

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