Mastery Score not updating

I started a new simple course by saving a similar course with the new course name. The original course had to exercises in it and required a 100% score to pass. In the new course, I deleted these 2 activities and their associated results slide and added new questions and a new results slide.  The new slide is set as 75% to pass. It all operates as it should until I place it in the LMS. For some reason, the LMS is expecting the prior courses mastery level of 100% instead of the 75% I placed on the new result slide. Any thoughts?

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We are using Saba. I've raised a trouble ticket with our support team to investigate.   The difficulty lies in figuring out where the issue is taking place but the more I investigate, the more that it appears to be something in the way the team set up the course in the LMS. Thanks for your support Ashley; I'll keep you updated.