Match The following-The Traditional Style

Tried creating "Match the following" quiz that have lines joining the correct responses and ticks to indicate the correct pairing. Used many conditional trigger to achieve this....

Link to the Published output:

Would like to know how can I improve this as I want to use this one in the course I am currently creating.


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Aman Vohra

Mike Taylor said:

Hi Aman! This looks nice. What would you like to improve? On the surface this looks like a great candidate for a drag and drop interaction. Have you considered that as an option? 

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the interest taken in the above custom quiz.

I have used the drag and drop interaction in several cases. But in the present case the requirement is to create something different from regular drag and drop.

In the present case I was interested in knowing weather the quiz can be further improved from the users point of view.