Matching activity with lines connecting choices

Hello everyone, 

I am working on a project that I would like to do a matching activity where you click on Box A and then Answer A and a line connects them and so on. I have found a few forum discussions with some examples but what I am really looking for is more of a step by step tutorial. I understand the use of states and variables but am a little lost when it comes to how variables are used in this example. Any type of tutorial or step by step would be much appreciated! 

Thank you in advance!


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Walt Hamilton

I would create the Questions each with a selected state that is different than the normal state and make them a button set. That way, the user can select only one of them at a time, and can know which one is selected, and so can the system. Draw a line from each Question  to each Answer and set the initial state of the lines to hidden. Then write your triggers.

For Answer B, for example:

Change the state of LineAB to normal when AnswerB is clicked if Question A's state is selected.

Change the state of LineBB to normal when AnswerB is clicked if Question B's state is selected, etc.

Each Answer needs a trigger for each Question.