matching choice drop down box

I am using a multiple choice drop down box with 5 matches.  However when I test the slide the choices menu doesn't drop down when the 'down' arrow is clicked - only if the student clicks inside the open space beside the 'down' arrow. Shouldn't the arrow reveal the menu?

I thought maybe it needed a trigger attached to it but I've explored the trigger options and can't find one that activates the arrow/drop down relationship.  I've used this in other courses and it worked fine.  Just doesn't seem to work here.

Mary Field

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Steve Gannon

Mary, here is one thing to try... In the Timeline, locate the Matching Dropdown and be sure it is brought to the top of any other objects in the Timeline. I have found that any separate object on top of the interaction, even if it is just touching by one pixel, can cause the dropdown to fail to open.