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Apr 22, 2020

Greetings, I'm attempting to make a matching drag and drop quiz with 7 questions but only two possible answers for each question (Activity [x3] or Planning [x4]). However, even though I type in Activity or Planning onto the answer field for each question the answers are scrabbled when previewed. So question 1 and answer 1 are linked and question 2 and answer 2 are linked etc, even though there are only 2 answers. If the student doesn't luck out and place the answers in the exact same order I built the quiz in, they fail and it changes every time they take the quiz.

How do I get the answers to match what it says on each draggable answer piece vice what order the answer was in when built? The atched shows five of the seven questions.

Thanks much

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Michael Frielingsdorf

Thanks Len, I did consider that but the questions are very long making the boxes large and it looks very awkward. If I could figure out how to shrink the question boxes as they are moved into the containers it would be better.  I'm still very new using Storyline and don't know all the tricks and programming possibilities.

Len Hackenbroch

I can understand that. You can change how the items look once they've been dropped in the correct (or incorrect) location by using the builtin drop correct/incorrect states.

States can be a bit challenging but i'm sure there'll be a YouTube video about it somewhere.

Have a look at the attached. The first slide demonstrates drop correct/incorrect states.

The second is a template i found that could work for you, put each statement on a separate slide and put the words Planning and Activity in the circles at the bottom?

Let me know how you get on.



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