Matching Drag and Drop and Fill In the Blank - feedback not given on correct answers, only incorrect

Mar 12, 2020

UPDATE: The same behaviour occurs for Fill in the Blank question type as well (no feedback for correct answer)

I created a Matching Drag and Drop quiz question from the Storyline 360 template.  I have created layers for Correct and Incorrect to inform the user whether they matched the items correctly.  In testing, when the user matches the items incorrectly, the Incorrect layer is displayed.  When the user matches the items correctly, the next question is displayed without telling the user that they were successful.  

My player triggers are as follows:
- When user clicks Submit, submit Matching Drag and Drop.

My slide properties are:

  • Slide advances by user
  • When revisiting, automatically decide
  • Slide navigation controls - only Submit is selected

How can I enable feedback for this question type when the user gives a correct response?  

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jody!

Let's start with understanding the triggers in the course.

It sounds like you might have a trigger that tells the user to jump to the next slide when they answer the question correctly. This would ignore the Correct Feedback layer. 

Instead, what about using a trigger on the Correct Feedback layer that says, "Jump to Next Slide when the User Clicks Continue"?

Let me know if I can clarify anything!

Jody Frederick

Thanks for the reply, Lauren. I ended up troubleshooting and fixing this.  I noticed that the two question types that were not behaving as I wanted were different when I looked at them in Form View.  In the feedback and branching section, the Incorrect response did not have a MORE button.  I figured out how to get that MORE button to return (Feedback > None, then Feedback > By Question). After doing that, the MORE button was displayed again, and the layers acted as I wanted/expected.  I now have another problem to troubleshoot, which I will post about in a different topic. Thanks.  

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