Matching Drag and Drop Quiz

I created a "Matching Drag and Drop" quiz to get my students to connect vocabulary words on the left of the screen to their definitions on the right. The test works well, but students have to match all 10 perfectly correct to be able to proceed. That's pretty difficult and slows the pace of the lesson. I'd rather have it so that they match whatever they think are the 10 correct answers, they click submit, and then they are told which ones they got correct and which they didn't. Then they can see their mistakes, but then proceed without having to get 100%. Is that possible?

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Jon,

I don't think this is possible with the form-based matching drag and drop, but not 100% sure, so hopefully someone else will chime in here. 

You could build something like that using a free-form question, it would just require a bit more development time and some states and variables probably.

Hope someone else can provide some help here, good luck

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jon,

If you want them to be able to proceed, while still being scored incorrectly for not answering them all look at adjusting the number of attempts. If you're using the "unlimited" attempts the user will have to redo the question until they answer correctly.

Storyline does not allow for partial scoring though - so even if they're able to proceed, they will not receive points for the question unless they answer correctly.