Matching drop down: 10 questions with (only) 3 possible answers

I made a matching drop down question with three possible answers. Lets call them A, B and C.

Choice 1 = answer A

Choice 2 = answer B

Choice 3 = answer C

Choice 4 = answer A

Choice 5 = answer B

... and so on


As of now I have to apply a different answer to each of the different choices. How do I make it so that my users can answer A to multiple choices?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Matt!

In the matching drop down, each choice will have to have its own answer. You may be able to set something up using a freeform question, where you can have several choices lead to one answer, such as the freeform drag and drop. I am not sure what you specifications for the quiz slide are, but you could share ideas here and others may jump in with ideas to assist.