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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mariann,

I'm not sure I understand, but I made a simple example with a sentence showed in two different ways...where the beginning of the sentence is blank, and therefore they have to choose the word that belongs in the front and the second example just reverses the order. 

Additionally, the suggestion from Steve here may work for you. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ashley and Mariann,

So, I interpreted Mariann's question a bit differently ... so it would look like this:

I inferred that (perhaps incorrectly!) from this: "...starting words of the sentences (which are the Choices)....

The only way I could figure to do that was by creating your own drop-downs and using a pick one question.

I've attached the story here. Take a look at slide 3...the first 2 slides are the ones Ashley did.

Mariann, if this IS what you were asking and you want some detail regarding how this was done, please shout out and I'll provide it.

Also, it's a very rough example...just to get the idea.

blair parkin

Hi Mariann

Unfortunately you can't chnage them around. I thought you might be able to move part of it off the screen and then use text boxes but you can't do that either. I did come up with a different solution where you just put a letter or number in the Choice column. This will allow you to then shrink the size of the interaction so that you can move the Match column to the right. Then just cover up the letters/numbers with a shape the same colour as your back ground and insert text boxes with your sentences to the right of the Match colum.

Hope that all makes sense.

I attached an example