Matching drop down does not work

May 11, 2013

I have created a matching drop-down slide.

Because the questions for matching contain too many words, so I use layers to show the content. I do not know  if it is those layers which cause the problem, when I click on first layer and return to the question slide,  i can still click the first drop-down list. However, when I try for the second one and return, the matching does not work. If I do not click any of the layer, the quiz is perfectly fine. Should I not adding any layer?

Here is my slide.

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Meryem M


Check the attached story to see if it works.  I added a trigger to the layer to reload the slide when the layer is closed.  Then I set the slide to assume saved state.  This seems to reset the drop-down question so that it can be continued.

I also noticed that you duplicated most of the base layer on your layers, which is not necessary.  So I removed the duplicated items in my edits.

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