Matching Drop Down Question - problems with working in story_html5


I am having issues with a Matching Drop Down Question. I am using Storyline 2.

When published it works fine in SWF file but not in the story_html5 file.

I have an image of chest x-ray, with structures on the chest x-ray numbered. Those structures have been numbered and listed in a matching drop down question.

ie. 1 = SVC; 2 = Descending aorta; 3 = right main bronchus, etc etc. up to no. 8.

I am not sure what the problem is as the question works fine in SWF published file but not in the html 5 file.

In the html file I can click on the drop down arrow and see the choices but when I click on a choice, it does not then select that choice to answer no. 1.

can anyone provide any advice on what I may be doing wrong.


Pam, form Sydney, Australia.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pamela!

When you view the published output file, is it hosted on a web server or learning management system? 

If not, try hosting it on Tempshare (for Web) or SCORM Cloud (for LMS). In most cases, issues like these will be sorted out when you view the output in it's intended environment.

Also, keep in mind that Google Chrome is the only supported browser for HTML5 output, so you'll want to view the output in that browser.

Let me know how it goes!