Matching Drop down with more answers than options

Hi All,

I am trying to create a Matching Drop down question where on the left side I have 3 options but in the drop down I would like to have 8 choices.  This obviously means that 5 answers are there only to confuse students.  I cannot find a way to do this would anyone have a work around for me?

Thanks a bunch!

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Kevin Thorn

Didn't see this two years ago when first published, but this is doable in either SL1 or SL2.

To answer your question Sylvia, yes. My question back to you is if you are still requiring 3 selections/options with each option having 8 choices. And of those 8, two much be selected to receive correct response?

I'd be happy to toss a little prototype together. With a little object state texting and leveraging layers this can be done.