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Hi everyone,

I'm new to the website and to Articulate Storyline, so your help is more than appreciated! 

In the story I'm converting, we need learners to do a matching exercise (matching one column to the other) and then on the following slides, we would like to show their answers on the left side with the image that shows the correct matches on the right side. All I know is how to build a quiz that would show them which answers are right or wrong, but that's not what we would like to have. Any chances someone would know if what we foresee is possible and how?

Thank you very much!!!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Camyla and welcome to Heroes!

Are you using the matching drop down question type (you mentioned columns - they're set up that way automatically)? If you enable the review behavior for the results slide, you'll see that the correct answers are displayed next to what the user answered while reviewing. But you could also customize the review layer and add the relevant information there.   If you'd like the user to see that right after answering incorrectly, you could add a trigger to the "incorrect" layer to show the review layer when the user clicks the "continue" button (and remove the trigger to jump to next slide). You'll need to add a way for the user to leave the review slide such as a continue button or similar. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brigid,

If you use any of the pre-built question types those will include a submit button automatically. That will show incorrect or correct feedback, but to show the Review layer immediately would require an additional custom trigger.

If you're stuck on setting up a file, feel free to share a copy here and we'll take a look!