Matching Quiz Questions not working on iPad

Apr 23, 2020

We currently use SL3, but in one of our SL2 courses, we have a lot of students who are unable to progress past our "Matching Drag and Drop" quiz questions because they say that the dragging does not work. They cannot move it.  Our support personnel have confirmed this several times on our end as well.  I was wondering if this is a known issue that has arisen?

I could, of course, try upgrading and republishing all of it into SL3, but that is hundreds of files and would take a long time.

Is there any "fix" to this, or is this known?



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Eric!

Thank you for providing context! This gives us a good place to start.

First, it sounds like the drag and drop questions that were created in Storyline 3 do not have any snags. Is this correct?

I'd recommend using Storyline 3 to publish this content. Storyline 3 is Flash Free which means that it publishes files without any Flash-related content. Safari and Chrome are HTML browsers so Flash content won't be displayed properly. 

Would you mind publishing one file using Storyline 3 and keeping us updated if the drag and drop interaction works?

We'll be here if you have any questions!

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