Matching Storyline font with Rise font

Hello, I have been getting on famously with Rise and have begun to drop in Storyline content to increase customisation and interactivity. My question is around how I format the content I create in Storyline to match the format of the content I create in Rise - specifically when it comes to fonts. I would like the learner to not even realise that the content is made up of 2 separate programmes (Rise & Storyline) if possible so it feels like a seamless learning experience.  

Q1. I use the default font type Merriweather in Rise but I don't see this as an option in Storyline - is there a way I can import the Merriweather font type into Storyline 360?

Q2. I would like the font size to be the same for Rise-created content and Storyline-created content. However, I notice that the size of the font changes according to many variables - e.g. the device being used to view the content, the 'width' used for the insertion of the storyline block (small/medium/full), the dimensions of the storyline block etc. Is there any guidance or best practice on how to get the size of the font to look the same to the learner?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer



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Tom Kuhlmann

You can find that font here at Google fonts and then install it in windows. It should be available in Storyline.

As far as font size to look the same, I'm not sure how to do that other than by approximation since the web font is going to scale a bit to the device as you noted, whereas the type in the slide is relative to the size of the slide and where it's positioned and in comparison to other objects. So it's fixed in that relationship.


Alex Bradley

Thanks Tom, I have followed your advice and installed the Google font Merriweather and it has worked a treat. The font scaling is a little more tricky to get right but in case any other users are trying to achieve the same thing I have found that the following settings in Storyline have gotten me pretty close to identical looking font:

Slide dimensions: 700 x 400

Font: Merriweather for body text & Lato for headings 

Font size: 8

Line spacing: Exactly 14pts

Storyline block entered into Rise using MEDIUM width.

The screenshot attached is from a Rise course I am developing. The text above the header 'Perfectionism' is Rise default text, the text below the header 'Perfectionism' is Storyline block text using the above settings. Not a perfect match but pretty close. 

I have tested this on PC and laptops (the devices my client uses) and it seems to work okay. When I look at it on a tablet or phone, the size 8 font used in the Storyline blocks becomes very small so this may not work for people creating content for mobile devices. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share with the community in case it's helpful to anyone.


Rise v Storyline font