Matching Word Game Doesn't Reshuffle Words on Retry

Aug 24, 2012

I've taken a matching word (Concentration type) game I found on the forum (can't find the original post or I'd post there) and adapted it for a First Grade spelling practice. In essence, it matches a spelling word (such as "pig") to an image of the object (a pig photo). The game randomly places the matching words and images around a concentration type board (see image).

As the student clicks, the word or image appears, if a match occurs, the squares disappear. Anyway, the first time through, the images and words are shuffled (Freeform and Pick Many type slide interaction with the Shuffle turned on). However, when the student chooses to try again (a Retry button jumps from the result slide back to the main slide in the interactivity, the squares are not shuffled, but are placed as I placed them originally on the slide). I've reset all variables back to null (zero) but can't get the slide to shuffle the screen objects on the second or subsequent retry. Suggestions?

Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer, limited experience (years ago) with programming and I'm new to Storyline. I'm loving it, just wish I understood more.

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Barb Bodemer

Jonathan, I'm trying to create a game board of Concentration to match the features of a product with the correct benefit but hit a wall as to how to make variables work with Pick Many. Would it be possible for you to post /share your source file so I could look at how you set it up? I don't mind if the bugs aren't worked out yet with the shuffling - I just need to understand the basic set up!

Jonathan Bacon

Sure.  I have incorporated the Concentration/Matching game module into a larger spelling practice game for 1st graders. Most of the ideas are stolen from others in this forum or from Jeanette Brooks' work, so I'm happy to share what I stole.

The .story file is available at

Look at the week 3 scene to see how the Concentration game was put together.

Barb Bodemer

Thank you Jonathan!  I spent the better part of Friday trying to work out the logic on my "Concentration" board this but it wasn't working for me  - so you just made my Monday! You must have logged some serious hours creating these practice games (they're awesome, by the way) which makes me very very appreciative of the fact you're willing to share them.  - thank you again!

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