Math toolbox wanted

Mar 11, 2015

One of the things I regularly am missing in Storyline is some kind of math toolbox. Programming is possible in Java, but Java is not always supported, sometimes hard to debug and to me it seems at least some simple tools in creating interactivity and freedom in building a storyline project, should be available.

Consider building a project where a realistic situation is simulated or a project where you want to add some gaming aspects. Thinking about this I come to the following list

·         I like to add chance. Therefor you need a random generator.

·         When a learner makes a decision, you want to continue the story based on multiple factors. You probably want to use IF-THEN-ELSE or IN-CASE-OF statements.

·         For keeping scores, I would like to see a simple math toolbox, with can do more than just adding two variables. For example I like to make a sum of multiple variables at once with a certain weight factor (a1*x1 + a2*x2 + a3*x3 etc.)

In almost every project I design, I feel I am missing these tools I am ending up with making long lines of triggers or programming Java. But I bet there are more designers who are wanting such powerful tools that can make e-learning so much more fun and interactive.

Anyone agrees or has suggestions? Or am I the only one?




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Michael Hinze

It would certainly be nice if more complex logic or math operations were available as ready-build triggers, but everything you listed can be created with the current triggers, variables and conditions. Granted in most cases you need to use A LOT of triggers, but

- Random numbers can be generated by using a question bank

- if/then/else decisions can be made with several sequential triggers

- multiple variables can be added/multiplied by using sequential triggers.

For using weight factors, that can be done with the current triggers and variables too. See here the fourth example: The various contributors, e.g. RAM, harddrive space, etc. contribute to the overall performance based on a weighted scale.

You can also round numbers with Storyline alone, no Javascript required.

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