Max character length for text entry?

I need to cap the max character lengths for some text entry fields but I do not see an option (or properties for that matter) that allow me to do that. The reason I ask is because I have some variables that are set for first and last names. Later in my project I have some captions that display those entries. However, the text shrinks when it is longer than the caption's size. I notice, too, that the captions do not resize at runtime. That only resize while you are editing the text in the Slide View. Is this a bug? I need the names to appear but I don't want them to reduce in size. 

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John DePauw

Hi Leslie,

The problem I had with the Essay question is you're limited to one per slide. My issue required multiple text entry boxes on the slide. Steve's javascript solution was helpful in allowing me to limit characters with text boxes. The essay question is a good option if either A: you only have one box on the page, or B: if you set something up where once the user clicks a submit button, the essay content is stored in a variable and printed somewhere else, and the box is reset to blank, allowing the user to enter a different data set into the box for a second response on the same slide.