Maximum file size(mb) supported in ipad or mobile learning

Jun 13, 2013

Hi folks,

Any suggestions for new learner,  Whats the maximum published course file size for mobile learning. I have course of 32 MB file size and 105 screens in the course.

When i tested on ipad using after running few screens the browser window refreshes or flickers and course runs again from starting screen. But the course works fine on computer online and offline.

Once again i checked the same course deleting the 70 screens and checked again miracle!!! the course worked on ipad. 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Gnaneswar,

File size can contribute to the flickering you're seeing on the iPad. It is something that we're currently trying to improve. 

The latest update has "improved HTML5 output to reduce redrawing the canvas in some browsers". Meaning, it's been reduced, but we haven't been able to eliminate it completely. 

You can download the newest update here

If the update doesn't completely eliminate the flickering, it might be best to publish a smaller project, or break the project up into smaller courses.


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