MBTI personality test

Hi Everyone

I'm still a novice at Storyline and need some help. I'm developing a short MBTI personality test and need some help to get the final results after the learners choose their answers.  I use variables to capture the learners' inputs but somehow it doesn't work and I think I may have done it incorrectly.

Can someone please help and advise? I have attached my file here.


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Kevin Hayes

WOW - Megan - I hate that intro slide where I have to sit  through the videos before the next slide -  perhaps it's because I am an ENTP? - Please promise me you will put a next button in there too :)

Couple of newbie errors that can be easily fixed.  

Firstly the sequence of triggers matter - you had the SHOW NEXT SLIDE trigger before the ADD +1 TO VARIABLE.  Typically this means the Next Slide will be shown and +1 isn't done (because you are already on the next slide).

I've changed the trigger sequence to [1] display layer on hover, [2] +1 on click and then [3] Next Slide

Now about those layers...

You included a copy of the picture to be clicked on the layer - so when they click on the picture they see next slide but +1 is not added

The elegant solution  would be add the +1 code to the layer but I'm lazy so I just rearranged and deleted elements so you are still able to click the image on the base layer to activate the triggers even when another layer is displayed

And finally (for testing) I added the variables on the results screen - a useful trick when developing so you can check to ensure your variables are being calculated correctly (obs you delete it when you are ready to publish)

Edited file attached 


David Tait

I set Megan's source file away to download earlier (took an hour!) and came back to have a look at this issue. Wish I'd checked in here before I debugged everything as I see that Kevin has already solved the problem! Good work Kevin, and I agree that sitting through the intro slide several times when testing also had me screaming for a next button.