MCQ radio button position

Is it possible to move the Radio button on an MCQ option to the right hand side of the text (it defaults to the left).

The reason i'm trying to do this is that i want to label the options A,B,C,D, etc.... on the left, and therefore need to move the radio's over to the right.

I did try to simply click on it and move it, but no joy and couldn't find any options for positioning either.



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Nicole Legault

Hi Ashley!

One way to do this is to:

  • Create your MCQ, add in your question, choices as usual
  • Remove the text that shows up on the right hand side of the radio button
  • Add your own text boxes to the left of the radio buttons. 

I've created a Screenr tutorial to quickly show you how you can do this yourself: Move Text to the Left of Radio Buttons in Storyline Multiple Choice Quiz

=) Hope this helps!

Antony Snow

Hi Nicole,

Great Screenr - thanks for sharing it.

Just a couple of things that came to mind when I viewed it:

  • To save some production time when creating the MCQ, you can simply hit the space bar in the answer option fields to create 'blank' choices rather than inputting the choices as usual and then deleting them later.
  • A note to Ashley and anyone else who wants to implement this is that because the actual answer choices are added as new text boxes to the left of the radio button, the option to shuffle the answers will not work.

Still a great solution though Nicole!


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


Ashley, tx for the question. And Nicole and Antony for the replies. I wondered, when I saw the issue with not being able to shuffle answers, if this would be doable with shuffles with a pick one. I THINK I've achieved that here, but another (or several other) pairs of eyes would confirm.

  • I created 3 text boxes for the MC/Pick One first
  • Then I inserted option (radio) buttons to the right of each check box
  • Next I grouped each text box with the option button to its right
  • In the Edit Pick one window, the Learner chooses among the 3 groups (in this case Blackberry, Broccoli, or Brussels Sprouts).

The last step was to create separate text boxes for A, B, and C and position these to the left of the 3 choice groups

So, in the end, what this is supposed to do is create a MC question, option button to right, shuffle answers on.

Nicole Legault

Staff member David Fair also noted to me that there’s another optionthat allows you to use the built-in hover highlights and shuffling: theright-to-left text direction button on the ribbon. (You’ll need to installat least one right-to-left keyboard input language in Windows before thisbutton shows up in Storyline.) =) 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Tx to David and you for that tip Nicole. Funny, first thing I tried (and probably you and others as well) was to click the Align right button in the paragraph group, figuring if it did right justification, it just might work. Nope.

Good to know about this option, especially for right-to-left languages.