Media Files MIA

I have a really long course (30 hours) of which I have about 3 hours completed.  I just opened the file to work on it and part of my media files are missing.  Audio was recorded with Storyline and it's gone on every slide.  Images are missing sporadically throughout the project and embedded you tube videos are not playing.  I just recently backed up the project to dropbox.  I moved the file mistakenly at first as opposed to copying it to dropbox.  So, I cancelled and then just copied and pasted to dropbox.  Could this be what caused the problem?  Anybody have any solutions?  Any ideas or "yep, been there done that and here's the fix" would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Don,

I haven't heard of this in connection with Dropbox, as typically it's installed on your local drive and acts as such. It is a common issue when working with files on a network or usb drive.  If it looks like the file size or the links are still the same as before moving the file, you could try importing it into a new project to see if that resolves the missing elements.  You may also want to check the file path and file names for your course and the accompanying images, as lengthy file paths or ones with special characters can also cause issues within Storyline as described here. 

Don Hedges

I tried importing the slides into a new project.  Same issue.   I've got a case started with tech service. This is my first try at developing an online course.  And, it's huge - 30 hours of instruction to satisfy the government.  I may just be doing things all wrong.  I'll wait to see what they say. 

On a different note - from a developers perspective, what's the pros and cons between storyline and studio?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Don,

I was able to find your case (#00379030 for my reference). I see that Cleo has asked that you test a few things out with the new Update 5 that was just released.

Also - generally embedded videos can look a little "funky" in the slide or when previewing. It's best to test those work by publishing and uploading to a server. 

Once you get a chance to test out the update, please let us know how it goes.