Media in Markers?

Hi all - I'm finishing up my first project in Storyline (and btw, I love the heck out of it!) and have come up with a problem that I CAN'T create on my coworker's machine.

When I put a graphic (jpg, png, etc. - I've tried several) inside of a marker (via Format>Media>Picture from File), I cannot move or resize the graphic. I don't even get the handles to try to do so. The only thing I have found that I can do is to delete it.

I should be able to move and change the size from within the marker content area, shouldn't I? Maybe I'm trying to put too much into one marker? Most of mine are just 4-5 line "Did you know?" type tidbits. I did try again after rebooting and restarting Storyline with the same issue.



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Cheri Kelln

Hi Christine - I think this may be a bigger issue, though I did recreate the marker from scratch and it works fine now, even with the same graphic! 

While I was trying other possible resolutions for the Marker issue (Format Painter, new graphic format, etc.) though, I got the "Articulate Storyline has stopped working" error message. So, I just did a Repair and hopefully things will get back on track. Just thought I'd let you know the whole situation, just in case the issues are related. 

Have a great day!