Media Library - let users create their own catagories and import

I am sure this has been covered before somewhere but... Media Library...

Apart from the obvious - why cant you import "from file" characters into the "Character" tab of the media library, there is a big need to be able to sort assets into groups.  Its great that it already splits audio and images etc but it isn't enough.  The ability to make sub folders off the "Images" tab for example - into Icons or Backgrounds etc is really missed.  In Captivate the ability to make sub folders in the library really helps in managing the assets in large project.

Please add this feature asap!

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Carl!

I'm happy to pass this request to our team! 

It sounds like you'd like to see an option to add custom characters into the Characters section of the Media Library, and the option to create subfolders in the Media Library.

What is the file type for the characters you're hoping to add? Is it possible to add them to the Images section?

Carl Beyboer

Yes, I want to add custom characters we have made for our client, all .png files with alpha channels. In the images section we have custom icons, backgrounds, pictures, logos etc. Add characters in various poses and very quickly you have a massive library to scroll through. We file name to try and do some sort of sort inside the list in the images tab but that adds time to icon creation and export from Illustrator and still results in loads and loads and *loads* of files, all dumped under "images". Now if we could add folders inside there or custom categories across the top and custom imports to the existing "character" tab, well it would be a life changer!!! Captivate lets you add folders...brilliant :)

Let those developers know we need it asap !!