Media on a Slide

May 10, 2013

Hi, people.

Let's stablish something before I explain myself:

I need my courses to "remember" actions the user did previously, so it keeps all the variables.

With that in mind, you already know that when you enter a slide with media on it and then you leave the slide before the media is over; next time you visit that slide it will start right when it ended playing.

Now, when Im handling a SBL (scenario based learning) I use one slide with a couple of characters talking to each other and then, automatically, pass on to the next slide.

If I then come back to that slide, I can not replay the scene, be cause it starts right when I left it and I left it when the dialogue was over.

I need to replay the timeline, but I can't find a way to do it. Not the media: the timeline. Is there anyway?

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