Memory game

Hello, i have searched but could not find some example of a memory game with tiles with content such as image, text, video. matched with name, image.
Should be easy  to re-purpose the use of current matching templates?

I would also like to have a count on number o f tries. and optional tile randomization when starting the game.

Is there any examples of this type of game?

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Håkan Ström

That was fast! Thank you for poc. I am not up to the level of "programming in storyline" yet.

Articulate could add a modern style version of these games to their content library so that these types of games are readily available ( for edit ) as learning tools. I think that  would be a true customer value update. If is fun to learn you dont mind repeating what you see..repeating is the mother of long term learning.

Games like memory can be used as picture to picture match or picture to name or name to video quote to person and so on... The digital version of the game type of memory can be more then exactly "two of the same".

If they could add the games as generic blocks in Rise as well, that would be even better. They already have the flip card effect done..

Again thank you Russel for quick response. Sign of good community spirit!

I hope you have a great weekend.

kathryn brown


Thank you so much for sharing this! You are a lifesaver! I was working on a project where my web object wouldn't import my memory game and so I searched within the community and came across your elegant memory game. It was easy to follow your logic/variables and modify to fit what I needed. I also added a "disappear" layer so that it would hide the objects if they matched using the same logic you used on the flipped layer. Thank you again!