Memphis, TN area Articulate User Group

Hey all!

We know this forums rocks and workshops are great, but sometimes it's just great to connect with fellow Storyline users face to face in an informal environment.

I'd love to become more active with the Memphis elearning community and thought it would be helpful to start an Articulate user group.

There's a lot of cool spots we could meet either monthly, quarterly, or whatever is convenient. If anything we can swap stories over BBQ Nachos, Blues, and local Brews!

Send me PM if you're interested or contact me through my website.


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Nicole Legault

Awesome news Kevin! 

There'salso  a discussion here that's all about the challenges and successes faced by those who've started their own user groups, and I've also created a high-level checklist to help community members start their own user groups if you're interested in using it I'd be more than pleased to share it with you!

Best of luck with your group!