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Antony Snow

Hi Josephine,

If you are using the in-built menu on the player, I don't think you can make it 'view only' and prevent the user from clicking on it.

You can however build a custom menu that is triggered from the slide master as per the attached example.

Here, I have added a True/False variable for each slide and set the initial value to False. I have then added a trigger to each slide to adjust the variable to True when the timeline starts.

On the slide master, I have;

  • Added the menu on a new layer
  • Added a button to the base layer to show this menu layer when the user clicks on it
  • Added each menu item as a shape and created a custom 'viewed' state where the text is black to indicate that the slide has been viewed
  • Added a trigger to change the state of each menu item to 'viewed' when the timeline of the menu layer starts on condition that the respective variables are equal to True

Does this help?