Menu and Resources don't work with IE HTML5


I have a project with dysfunctional menu and resource tabs.  They work just fine in chrome (both Flash and HTML5) and they work in IE if I view the Flash version.  But they are NOT working in IE HTML5.  Rather than functioning as dropdown menus, they are rendered as fixed-width scroll panels.  So... not working at all.

I am attaching a one-slide sample....

Has anyone encountered this issue?  I don't see any posts that similar.  

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Thank you Alyssa!  

So... I have to support the JAWS screen reader which is only supported with IE, so Chrome is out of the picture.  And HTML5 is not supported with IE.  So I am forced into an IE/Flash solution.  And I will also very likely need every user to disable the default IE setting "View intranet sites in Compatibility view."

Ouch.  That is rather limiting.  

Thank you for taking the time to share with me... I very much appreciate it!