Menu and subtitle text is tiny in relation to course?

Hi, I've seen this issue a few times, only getting around to asking the community now!

When I publish content using the modern player, the menu text and the subtitle text comes out tiny when the course is opened in my LMS. See attached screenshot - I've cut out the content on the screen but left the subtitles so you can see the size. For reference, the "Introduction" text on the slide is size 16.5.

I have the following settings:

  • Modern player
  • Player text size 100%
  • Caption text size 200%
  • Story size - standard 4:3 (720 x 540 with locked aspect ratio, scale existing content to fit)

Any idea why this tiny text is happening? 

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Michelle McKinney

For some reason it won't upload any files for me via that link you've provided - it keeps saying "error". I've enclosed a small snippet of the project here for your troubleshooting - if you could delete this post or let me know when you have retrieved the file Leslie, so I can delete. I've confirmed the issue still occurs when this small file is published and uploaded to my LMS.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle,

We are currently investigating this issue and the details are on our status page:

Investigating - When submitting a support case, the Add Attachment field is giving an error after a file is selected. We’re investigating this problem, and we’ll keep you posted. We’re sorry for the trouble!

I've downloaded your file so that I could take a look, so you're welcome to delete it.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Michelle!

I see that Leslie downloaded your project and is working with you in a support case! I also wanted to share that we have resolved the issue where adding an attachment is causing an error message. If you need to attach additional files, you are good to go! 

Apologies for the snag!