Menu Branching/Variable Issue

Jul 31, 2012


I wondered if anyone could help with this issue.

I have a course which contains 2 Menu's, Menu A and Menu B. The user selects which menu they want and this is shown to them. Both menu's have link's to the exact same content. The content contains a Back button which when clicked should return to either Menu A or Menu B dependant on what Menu they originally chose to begin with.

I set up a variable to set to True if Menu A is selected, and False if Menu B is selected. Then on the content I set the back button to jump to Menu A if the variable is True, and Menu B if the Variable is False.

My issue is that the variable seems to remain True regardless of what is chosen so the content always Returns to Menu A.

I have attached the example and if any one could help that would be ideal!!!!


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