Menu button in upper-left corner sometimes turns red when single-clicked (Storyline 3)

OS: Windows 10

Browser: Internet Explorer 11

Version: Storyline 3

I never saw this issue in Storyline 1 or 2.

On some courses, and only on some slides, when I single-click "Menu" in the upper-left corner, the word Menu turns red. But then if I re-click it, it stays gray.  This only happens in the published versions of the courses.

I don't have red set up in our advanced color settings.

Does anyone know why the word Menu turns red sometimes when single-clicked?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, PJL.  Thanks for bringing up this behavior.  This issue isn't one that we have documented.

Can you share an sample .story file where this is happening?  I'd like to see your setup and try to nail down the problem.  If you can't share the file, attach a screenshot of your player properties and the menu setup.  Also, let me know what you have on those slide where the menu turns red.

I'll be standing by!

Patrick Lambe

Thanks for your response. And sorry I've taken so long to respond.

I have to be extra-cautious with sharing firm-branded files. But, if it's O.K., I'd like to ask this question from a different angle.

In my published course (Windows 10, Storyline 3):

  • When launched in Google Chrome, a single-click on the Menu reveals the menu -- as it should
  • When launched in Internet Explorer 11, sometimes when the learner single-clicks on the Menu, the word Menu changes color but doesn't appear -- but a second-click reveal the drop-down menu. Yet, on other screens it works normally -- a single-click reveals the Menu

Does anybody have any idea why (1) the behavior is inconsistent when launched in IE 11 and (2) why the behavior is different between both browsers? My only guess is that it has something to do with IE 11 using flash and Chrome not using flash -- I published selecting "Flash with HTML5 fallback".  But, if that's the case, I don't understand why some slides in IE11 treat Menu different than others.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi PL,

Always okay to ask more questions! 

I think you're on to something with the Flash vs. HTML5 output. Browsers like Chrome have started to disable Flash by default, so it could be that Chrome is showing you the HTML5 output while IE is pulling up the Flash. Can you look at enabling Flash in Chrome (or disabling it in IE) to see if that set things up to match again? 

I wouldn't expect this to be different across slides though! So that adds to the oddities around this. Could you share your file privately with our Support Team? They can always sign an NDA if needed too and we keep all files confidential.

Patrick Lambe

Thanks Ashley.

Even with an NDA, my employer is very strict about sharing files. Sorry about that -- especially since it's a nice offer to help.

Recently, we were told to publish to HTML 5 only going forward. So I suspect that this problem is going to go away.

I appreciate your help!

Thanks again,