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Feb 08, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. Currently working on a module which includes a series of videos which I have linked through a main menu. I have setup buttons to link each video and it plays automatically.  There is a home button and next button on each video page to take them back to main menu. I have also included  a "complete" state for each button when clicked which is also not working the way i want. So key issues include:

1. When clicking back the home button on a video slide, it picks up the main menu and replays animation first.  Can i set this up so that it returns user back to the main menu but animation is complete?

2. The complete trigger briefly shows when they click it (includes a tick). Is there a way to prevent this?

3. They can click back to the home button at any time during the video and it will be marked as complete. How can i build a condition so that when they click the home button it will only mark complete if the full video was watched?


Any help greatly appreciated!







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Christine K


I was having issues uploading my sample file. But I have managed to fix it. So the main issues I am having is:

1. I have "adding a trend" button with a false variable and a complete state if the user watched the video linked on the other slide. It does not seem to mark it as complete when the user clicks the back to main menu. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

2. Is there anyway to ensure media is watched fully before triggering the complete state back on the main menu?

3. Lastly, I now need to ensure users follow a particular order when viewing the topics. Is there anyway I can hide buttons until sections are completed?


Any help greatly appreciated!


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christine!

Thank you for allowing me to take a peek at your file. I am assuming we are only dealing with the first one of 'trend line' since that is the only variable that I see set up.

On the slide 1.2 I think the trigger order is what got you and you want to be sure that you are adjusting the variable on click before moving to another slide.

On slide 1.1, I didn't see anything to change the state of the shape to completed once this was completed and I have added this as well.

I am re-attaching your file so that you can see what I did and do the rest of your links :) 

Hope this helps.

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