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Wendy Farmer

Hi Brian

Are talking about File to Design as per the Storyline app menu not part of a .story file you are building?

The alert chime is usually to let you know there is another storyline popup window open somewhere - can you see anything in Task Manager or when you alt-tab do you see a dialogue box open?

Brian McSkane

Hi Wendy, yes it's the standard menu in the Storyline app itself - nothing I've built, etc. There's no other Storyline application open so it's not that.

OK, closed the file and opened some others - some worked, some didn't. Opened my original file again and it's working now!

I'll keep an eye on it and let you know if it still gives trouble.

Matthew - it didn't work yesterday so not sure a restart is the answer. Anyway hopefully that's it fixed!

Thanks Wendy and Matthew,