Menu Clicking / Jumping Around plays wrong slide that is highlighted in blue.


When a Learner clicks on a link/slide in the menu but before the page changes, clicks on another link/slide , the initial link/slide stays highlighted in the menu in blue but the newer link/slide plays. We have the menu on the left and we're using a tablet (Android) with Chrome .

I have attached a screen shot where you can see that even though 'Knowledge Check #5' is playing the menu still says 'Retail Environment and Picture of Success.'

How can we avoid this from happening? I understand that we can restrict the Learner from jumping around in the menu by locking the course down but when the Learner completes the course, we need them to be able to go back and review.


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Omar Garces

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your response. My team and I have jumped off this concern into a more pressing one and we were hoping you or any other Staff member can assist us. 

The couple of questions we have are:

1. What are Articulate Privacy Policies on items provided to them for debugging?

2. Is Articulate Mobile player for iOS and Andriod complaint with SCORM 1.2 by default or would it require custom programming to be done in order for it to be integrated with a SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS?

Thanks again!

Emily Ruby

Hi Omar,

We do keep all files sent to us confidential. You can send it privately through this link if you cannot attach it in the posts. you can also remove any proprietary information and replace with dummy information if needed.

Tracking SCORM and AICC content in the Articulate Mobile Player app isn't supported. If you need to track SCORM or AICC content, we recommend that you don't include the Articulate Mobile Player option when publishing, or encourage your LMS provider to support Tin Can API. 

Articulate Mobile Player content will be tracked in your LMS if you published for Tin Can API and your LMS provider has implemented Tin Can API support