Menu collapse.

Hi All am using default storyilne menu , i want something like collapse or expand the menu and menu conenets. is anyoption i can do this in stroryline.

if i click on tjhe menu button only i need to show the menu contents.... is this is possible in storyline.  ?

can any open explain me how this option work. auto collapse menu as learner progress

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Sinchu,

The option you show in the screen shot, with the red circle around it, collapses SCENES.

Your screen shot only shows one scene with 4 slides.

If you add another scene to your story, along with a couple slides, and then preview it, you'll see that the slides in the first scene have been collapsed, like in this screen shot. In the menu, the 3 slides from Scene 1 have been collapsed: