Menu disappears when change to text read right to left

Apr 01, 2014

Hi all,

We are working on a Arabic translation of a course we designed. I found the option to change the the text from left to right to right to left, but when I change it the menu disappears - there is just a blank space there. I tried resetting the menu, closing and reopening the file, adding Arabic as a language in Windows and nothing happened. Any thoughts or suggestions?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Corey,

I don't have Arabic as a language on my computer, but I was able to adjust the player text labels and change it to RTL text, and the preview still showed the menu screen. Is this happening with all your files or just a particular one? First I'd want to confirm that you're working with local project files as described here, as working on a network or USB drive could cause unusual behavior. Next, if it's just one file you may want to try importing it into a new project and see if that resolves the behavior.  

Lastly if the behavior continues on all your files, I'd suggest going through the Storyline repair steps. 

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