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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Shahzad,

The menu font size can't currently be changed, but it seems unusual that the size would be smaller when published. Was font size normal in preview? Did only the menu font size change after publishing, or did the whole slide size become smaller?

I don't haven an answer! But I'm thinking perhaps others can help troubleshoot if you can provide a few more details.

Shahzad Rashid

HI All,

Thank you very much for your help.

Basically what happened is that I had slides font size to 9 and when published, menu font size was normal.

Then I changed slides font size to 10 and published again, doing this made menu font size small.

Now as suggested I've tried following with no success:

Changed Menu font type

Used all the combinations of 'Browser Size' and 'Player Size' settings

Still the Menu font is small. I can change the font to different style but I really wanted to keep it to Arial.

Is there any other thing that I can try?



Lisa-Marie Howe

I'm experiencing issues with the Font size in the "Notes" section.  Some notes pages automatically make the font smaller, or bolded, or centre justified even though when I check my notes on every powerpoint slide before publishing it online they are all "Arial, 12, left justified"

I've had everything from font looking like Times New Roman, smaller than font 12 and centre justified or bolded. 

Can anyone help or give advice?



Linda Watson

I just ran in to the same problem for the first time in Storyline 2 today. My menu text was small. Here’s how to fix it. From the Home tab, select:

Colors & Effects
Click the text “Show advanced color editing”
Edit item: select “Menu Background”
At the bottom of the selections, find “Player text size”. I increased the font size to 135% and it looked much better.