Menu, Glossary - How to make them 508 accessible

Jan 15, 2016


I'm trying to preview my project and am using a screen reader JAWS to assist me in viewing my project. How do I ensure the Menu and Glossary (mainly their drop down information) will be accessible so I can read the information with JAWS? Right now when I tab through my project JAWS will highlight the words Menu and Glossary but will not allow me to tab or arrow down to finish reading the content of the Menu and Glossary information. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Amar Kulshreshtha

Hi Tami,

If we use Storyline inbuilt Glossary and menu from player then we cant access them.

I faced the same problem when i was developing a 508 compliance course, then i have created a customized User interface "MENU and Glossary" for 508 accessibility.
Here i am sharing a source file hope this will help you thanks....


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tami,

Have you looked at testing the published output? I know JAWS only provided support for the latest version of JAWS (17 I believe) in the latest version of Internet Explorer 11. You should be able to tab to the time and then may need to use the enter/space bar key to access the menu if it's a drop down and then arrow between the elements. 

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