Menu Headings Showing Up Bold

Hi everyone! I've been using Storyline a couple of months now so I'm still learning the ropes. This is probably an easy fix, but I haven't been able to find anything about it and I'm hoping you all can help.

In previous courses when I created new headings within the menu, they showed up like any other heading in the list, and didn't change in appearance when I dragged subheading beneath them. In my current course, whenever I drag subheadings under a main heading, that heading now becomes bold. I'm not seeing any place in the menu options to change the settings so that they remain regular. 

I did switch to Classic view to see if they changed to regular and they did, but unfortunately they switch back to bold when I switch back to the Modern template, which is the version I need to use. I'm not using any particular themes or special colors, so I'm really not sure how it happened in the first place.

Any suggestions you have on how to fix things would be appreciated!

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Kate Jay

Thanks for replying John, I appreciate it! Unfortunately, that's not the issue I'm running into.

The subheadings are fine, it's the heading they're under that's bold. I'm unable to tab back their indent any further than they already are, and while moving the indent of the subheadings does make the main heading regular again, it also means those subheadings are no longer under the main heading.

The "heading 1" picture I've attached is how I want the heading to be organized; you'll see the main headings are bold. As you can see, the main heading is highlighted and I'm unable to push the indent back any further.

The second picture shows what happens if I change the indents of the subheadings - the only parts I can change the indent on - they become regular headings again, and the new heading I created to tidy them up becomes regular font without anything under it.

I know it's possible to have regular headers with subheadings underneath, all of my previous courses looked like that. I'm just not sure what setting I changed to make it look like this, and what I need to do to un-bold them.


Kate Jay

Hi John, 

Is this a new feature of the updated Storyline? Because it didn't used to do this and our style guide requires regular font for headings. Is there a way to change them back?

Edit: I asked a coworker to check the course she's building and it's not happening in her course, so this is something specific to my file, apparently. Is there a setting I can check, or any way I can get more help with this?