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marielle paul-fortin

Thank's for the information. I gonna give you a exemple.

I have ± 10 title in my menu, but when I go to preview mode I can see just 1 title.

It's more clear for you ?

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Ashley Terwilliger replied:

may want to review the
information here in regards to customizing your menu and
choosing to hide or include slides. If you are still having
difficulty can you tell us more about what's occurring
as from your images alone I'm not sure I'm



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marielle,

First, when you reply via email your signature is included - so you're welcome to edit that and remove if you'd like.

In regards to the issue with your menu, are you previewing the entire course or just one slide? If the latter - you'll only see the slide you're previewing listed. If you're previewing the entire course and they're missing - are they also missing when you look at the menu set up within the player? I'd recommend using the "reset from story option" as it will reset the menu back to what it was originally (reflecting the original slide titles of your course)