Menu in Storyline 360, Off at first, then on?

Aug 21, 2020


Can you make the menu not visible the first time a user goes through a course (I know how to do this) but THEN turn it on once they complete the course once?



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Victoria,

For any given slide, the built-in Menu stays at whatever you setting you used: either on or off. That's not something that can be toggled with triggers.

If you want a menu available after the user completes the course, you could create a custom menu and control it with variables and conditions.

Or you could duplicate all of the slides in the course, adjust those to show the Menu, adjust the Menu to include only the duplicates, and then let the user "review" the course via its "twin." 

Either way, that's a lot of work. And for what? Are you sure users will want to go through any of the slides again after they've successfully completed the course?

If there's content that would be helpful for them to have/review, consider creating a job aid instead, and letting them download that at the end of the course.

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